Articulators BN, CPR, CN

In Draghici Dental Laboratory the works are made by using the Artex BN, CPR, CN articulators.
Artex articulators are one of the most practical working systems for dental technicians. The benefits of using the articulators are efficiency in the calibration process, accuracy in the simulation of the movement of the patient’s mandible is more stable, ergonomic. A work done in an articulator is an anatomical superior work that fits perfectly with the patient and the time taken to perform the work is greatly reduced.

Roland DWX-50

One of the most advanced dental milling machines to date, a compact, affordable solution based on 20 years of the company’s proven 3D milling technology. The DWX-50 offers dental labs new advanced features, including 5-axis milling, which enables the seamless production of complex dental prosthetics. In addition to milling on X, Y and Z axes, the DWX-50 rotates blocks and discs of zirconia 360 degrees in clockwise and counterclockwise movements and tilts them 20 degrees toward the front and back to support undercuts. The DWX-50 features an automatic tool changer that supports up to five different sizes of milling tools for an easy three-step production process. Users simply load the milling material and secure it with the included clamps, store tools in the tool magazine, and send milling data from the PC to the DWX. The DWX-50 automatically completes the job, allowing dental lab employees to focus on other tasks.

Printer ReaLizer SLM-50

The ReaLizer SLM-50 industrial 3D printers use the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D printing technology. The SLM technology melts and fuses metallic powders with a powerful laser beam. Once a layer of solid metal is created, the tray holding the 3D print is lowered and powder is layered on top. The sintering with the laser resumes for a new layer. Layer after layer the object is 3D printed, until completion.

Scanner DOF Swing

The DOF Swing scanner can scan articulators without the necessity of additional operations with a precision tested and measured in german laboratories Deutscher Kalibrierdienst. This is possible thanks to the Articulator Direct II technology which allows the scanning of the occlusion in the articulator intelligently and innovatively. During the scanning, the articulator spins in a horizontal position. The articulator is mounted directly on the transfer tray, without any additional operations and it doesn’t require fixing or adhesive for scanning with the articulator.

Asiga MAX UV

The Asiga MAX UV is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint with a print precision of 62 µm. Ideal for the manufacture of dental orthodontics, crown & bridge, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays and partial dentures.

Yena D15

The Yenadent D15 is a milling machine designed and built to execute all types of crowns and bridges. Besides the precision of the milling in wet or dry conditions, the system also guarantees a fast execution process, being able to work 24 hours a day. The machine can work with materials such as Zirconium, cobalt-chrome, titanium, PMMA, composite, ceramic, and thanks to the robustness of the design, Yena D15 can work without vibrating while the milling.


The Vita Vacumat 6000 MP is a ceramic furnace for baking and pressing all dental ceramic materials available. The oven can be used for combustion in the atmosphere or in a vacuum.

Zyrcomat VITA 6000 MS

Zyrcomat VITA 6000 MS is suitable for all high-temperature sinter firings of any type of dental ceramic substructure materials. With the latest features in the field of firing technology, the high-speed sintering furnace guarantees top-quality results and careful sintering with a cooling temperature down to 400 °C in three freely selectable modes.

Ivoclar Vivadent Programat P710

The Ivoclar Vivadent Programat P710 furnace has a smart technology with infrared light which enhances the reliability of the process and it makes the burning faster with high-quality results. The thermic room with infrared light automatically controls the process of pre-drying and closing. The 3 step warming and the 2 step cooling allows complex baking processes. The selection of the tooth’s color can be reached immediately with the help of the patented model Digital Shade Assistant (DSA). A special image-processing software compares the tooth, using a photo, with other 3 pre-selected teeth used for guidance and selects the shade that best matches.

Bredent thermopress 400

The Bredent thermopress 400 is an injection moulding device for processing thermoplastic resins with a melting temperature up to 400 degrees C. The melting process is specially adapted to the demands of plastic thanks to high-performance heating elements. In this way, the best possible material properties are achieved.