Draghici Dental Laboratory aligns with the international expectations of quality by using the best products

from VITA, Shofu, GC, Ivoclar, Ugin, Yamahachi, Vertex, Perflex, Renfert, Yeti Dental, Orodent. 

Ceramic – VITA, GC, Ivoclar

Ceramic fused to metal

One body ceramic fused to metal

Ceramic fused to zirconia

Ceramic fused to noble metal

Pressed ceramic veneers

Artificial gum

Pressed ceramic – E-max, GC

Pressed ceramic crown

Pressed ceramic veneers

Pressed ceramic I.O.S.

Monolithic Zirconia

Monolithic Zirconia

Composite – Vita, Ceramage

Laboratorul de tehnică dentară Drăghici Dental folosește compozite VITA VM, CERAMAGE.

Composite fused to metal


Dental inlay


Artificial gum

Lucrări material compozit (compozite)


Ceramic fused to metal

Ceramic fused to zirconia

Monolithic zirconia

Composite on BioHPP framework

Composite fused to metal


Skeletal prosthesis on implant

Fast&Fixed temporary prosthesis

Permanent prosthesis

Custom zirconia abutment

Custom Cr./Co. abutment

Telescopic prosthesis

Telescopic prosthesis

Primary telescopic crown

Secondary telescopic crown

Composite denture teeth

Skeletal prosthesis

Skeletal prosthesis with clasps

Skeletal prosthesis with attachments

–      Attachments (ball/ rod/ bar)

Unilateral (Rhein)

Composite denture teeth

Perflex prosthesis

Biosens prosthesis

Acryfree prosthesis

Flexinylon prosthesis

Acetal skeletal prosthesis

Transparent Biosens skeletal prosthesis

Composite denture teeth

Bredent prosthesis 

Breflex prosthesis 

Proteză Biodentaplast

Biodentaplast prosthesis

Composite denture teeth

Kemeny Biodentaplast space maintainer

Kemeny Breflex space maintainer

Acrylic prosthesis

Full acrylic denture

Partial acrylic denture

Acrylic denture with transparent clasps

Metallic insertion

Glass fiber insertion

Acrylic dentures on magnets

Acrylic prosthesis on R.C.R. with ball attachment

3D Print

Simple digital model

Digital model with removable DIE

Digital wax-up

Other services


Metallic crown

Crown-root reformation (R.C.R.)

–      Monoradicular

–      Pluriradicular

–      Of silver

Bleaching Tray

Hard/ Soft Night Guard (Bruxism)

Elite sports guard

Surgical Guide

Study model


Custom impression tray

Wax occlusal rim