During our years of activity, we have managed to build a network of collaborators from all over the Moldova region, which now consists of over 510 dental practices.

Thanks to our collaborations we can bring thousands of smiles on our patients’ faces daily.

We believe in constant and sustainable growth, which is why each interaction is based on professionalism and trust. We invest in our long-term relationships, as well as in new ones, as we are always emphasizing the human connection that is created between us and our collaborators. 

So what does it mean to be our collaborator? It means building a relationship that is based on the belief in the well-done job, while not forget the humane side. We promise quality services but are aware that a lasting collaboration goes further than that. 

We are constantly open to opportunities and strategic collaborations in the Moldova region, as well as all over the country and even internationally.

Send us a message through our contact form and let’s find out together how to start a long-term relationship.